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Terms and Conditions

The Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club does not provide orthodontic treatment. If you would like to move your teeth or straighten your smile, text or call us at 812-246-5800.  The Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club is designed to maintain the results of completed orthodontic treatment. Our retainers will hold your teeth in place as-is. If worn properly, they will prevent your teeth from moving.

In order to start receiving your subscription box, you will have to be seen at Dunn Orthodontics, in-office, for a digital scan of your teeth. This will allow us to produce your retainers.

If your retainers are not worn properly, your teeth may shift and result in your retainers not fitting. Dunn Orthodontics is not responsible for replacing or remaking ill-fitting retainers caused by patient noncompliance. Likewise, if your retainer is lost or broken, it is the patient's responsibility to contact Dunn Orthodontics and order replacement retainers.

By subscribing to the Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club, you agree to be responsible for the monthly or annual payments associated with the subscription. You also authorize Dunn Orthodontics to process the provided credit card information according to the payment schedule you select (monthly or annual payment). Prices may change at the discretion of Dunn Orthodontics, and subscribers will be notified at the email provided of any change in fees.

By subscribing to the Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club, you are agreeing to a 12 month membership contract. The contract and membership cannot be terminated until the 12 month membership contract has been fulfilled. At the end of your contract, you'll receive an email at the provided email address asking if you would like to renew your membership. If you fail to reply, your membership will be automatically renewed.

Retainers provided by the Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club are not covered by medical, dental, or orthodontic insurance. 

By subscribing to the Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above.

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