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  • What is the Retainer Club?
    The Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club is an easy, affordable way to make sure you always have retainers that are clean and effective. Your retainers are the key to preserving your straight smile! They will arrive in a one-of-a-kind bonus box that's filled with dental and wellness products to enhance your dental hygiene routine. The best part? It’s all delivered to your front door!
  • How does the Retainer Club work?
    Your subscription starts when you complete the registration form. We’ll contact you to schedule a quick digital scan of your teeth, which will take place at our brick-and-mortar location in Sellersburg, Indiana. After we scan your teeth, you’ll start receiving an upper and lower retainer every June and December. These will be delivered to your door and will come packaged in a bonus box filled with fun dental hygiene and wellness products. The cost for the Retainer Club is $29 per month. If you prefer, you can save 16% by paying $300 annually for your subscription instead! As a Retainer Club member, you’ll also enjoy the option of receiving extra retainers for only $25 each, which is a savings of $125 per retainer. If you decide you’re interested in Invisalign® treatment or braces, you’ll also receive discounted treatment by Dr. Dunn.
  • What’s included in my Retainer Club subscription?
    Your Retainer Club subscription includes two sets of custom retainers (each set includes one upper retainer and one lower retainer), plus two bonus boxes filled with dental and wellness products for you to enjoy. You’ll receive your bonus box and retainer shipments in June and December of each year.
  • How do I update the mailing address used for my subscription?
    Updating your mailing address is easy! Simply text or call us at 812-246-5800 to update. We are not responsible for boxes and retainers sent to the wrong address if you forget to update it, so be sure to let us know if it's changing!
  • Can I switch to a different box?
    We offer boxes for kids (ages 6-10), teens (ages 11-16), and adults, but you’re welcome to select the box that best matches your preferences! If you want to switch to a different box, simply text or call us at 812-246-5800.
  • My child would prefer to receive the teen or adult box. Is that allowed?
    Yes! Our boxes have suggested age ranges to help you make your decision, but you can sign up to receive whichever box best suits your preferences.
  • How many retainers do I get with my subscription?
    Your subscription includes two full sets of retainers. You’ll receive one set (upper and lower) in June, and another set (upper and lower) in December.
  • What do the retainers look like?
    We use Invisalign® to make retainers that are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly. They’re lightweight and clear, making them discreet and comfortable.
  • How often do I need to wear my retainers?
    Your retainers will only work if you wear them properly! We recommend wearing them nightly for about 8 hours while you sleep. This will prevent your teeth from moving. If you prefer not to sleep with your retainers in, you may wear them during the day for about 8 hours. Be sure to take them out when you eat or drink, and brush your teeth before resuming wear. It’s fine to drink water while wearing your retainers.
  • How do I clean and care for my retainers?
    Brushing your retainers with a toothbrush and toothpaste on a daily basis is the best way to keep them clean. If you need to clean them more intensively or kill germs, you may purchase any denture cleaning tablets and soak your retainers. Avoid putting your retainers in the dishwasher, boiling water, or mouthwash. These methods can warp retainers or make them brittle.
  • Can I eat and drink while wearing my retainers?
    You should remove your retainers to eat, and brush your teeth before resuming wear. You’ll also want to remove your retainers if you’re drinking anything other than water. Other drinks can stain your trays and allow sugar to be trapped under your trays.
  • Will these retainers move my teeth or correct crowding?
    No. Our retainers are designed to hold your teeth exactly as they are and prevent movement. If you’re interested in correcting movement with Invisalign® or braces, check out Dunn Orthodontics, which is Dr. Dunn’s practice. You can also call or text us at 812-246-5800 to learn more!
  • What do I do if I lose or break my retainers?
    If your retainers are lost or broken, we need you to let us know ASAP! We’ll want to make new retainers quickly to prevent movement from occurring. As a Retainer Club member, you’ll receive replacement trays at the discounted cost of $25 per tray (normally $150). Text or call us at 812-246-5800 to order a new tray.
  • Can I order extra retainers if I want to receive more than two sets per year?
    Yes! As a Retainer Club member, you can purchase extra retainers any time for only $25 per tray ($50/set). The price for non-members is $150 per tray ($300/set).
  • Can my retainers be used as whitening trays?
    Yes! Our retainers are compatible with whitening gels that require trays.
  • Who makes the Retainer Club retainers?
    We use Invisalign® to make high-quality, custom retainers for our patients. This process is overseen and managed by Dr. Christopher Dunn, the owner of Dunn Orthodontics. To learn more about Dr. Dunn, visit the Dunn Orthodontics website!
  • How do I take my retainers out?
    To remove your retainers, start in the back and work your way forward. Pull down firmly on the back of the tray, and once it's disengaged from your teeth, move forward and continue to pull down. Removing your retainers this way will help prevent cracks in your trays.
  • How much does the Retainer Club cost?
    There are two payment plans available for your Retainer Club subscription. Our monthly plan has a recurring charge of $29/month, automatically billed to the payment information on file. Our annual plan allows you to enjoy savings of 16% by making an annual payment of $300. This payment occurs automatically as well.
  • How much do replacement retainers and extra retainers cost?
    As a Retainer Club member, you’ll enjoy the reduced rate of $25 per tray ($50/set). The price for non-members is $150 per tray ($300/set).
  • Can I cancel my Retainer Club subscription?
    Retainer Club subscriptions are a 12 month contract, meaning that payments cannot be canceled until the 12 month contract is completed. At the end of the 12 month contract, we’ll reach out to you using the email you provided to ask if you’d like to renew your subscription. If you fail to cancel, the subscription will be automatically renewed.
  • How do I update my payment information?
    Updating your payment information is easy! Text or call us at 812-246-5800 to update.
  • Can my insurance be filed for Retainer Club retainers?
    We do not file insurance for the subscription, extra retainers, or replacement retainers. However, we are happy to use an HSA/FSA card for payments.
  • Can I use my HSA/FSA card for payment?
    Yes! We can keep your HSA/FSA card on file for payments.
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