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Custom Retainers
Delivered to Your Door

Plus, we'll include a box full of dental products and wellness items for you to enjoy!


Join the Club

The Dunn Orthodontics Retainer Club is an easy, affordable way to make sure you always have retainers that are clean and effective. Your retainers are the key to preserving your straight smile! They will arrive in a one-of-a-kind bonus box that's filled with dental and wellness products to enhance your dental hygiene routine.

How it Works

Step 1

Choose Your Box

There are three easy options: kids, teens, or adults! Pick the option that appeals to you.

Step 2

Pick Your Plan

Fill out our secure registration form. This form will be sent directly to our staff, who will complete your enrollment!

Step 3

Enjoy Your Deliveries

That's it! Your deliveries will start automatically after your scan. Your custom retainers will be sent right to your door!

Our Boxes

Subscription boxes and retainers are sent bi-annually in June and December.

Kids Box.png

Kids Box

This box is designed for kids ages 6-10


Teen Box.png

Teen Box

This box is designed for teens ages 11-16


Adult Box.png

Adult Box

This box is designed for adults



Club Member Perks

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Custom Retainers

You'll receive clear, custom retainers delivered straight to your door! This will make sure your smile stays in shape and that your retainers are never worn out.

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Surprise Bonus Box

Every delivery of retainers comes in a fun Bonus Box filled with dental products, wellness items, and more! You'll love seeing what's new with each delivery.

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Significant Savings

By subscribing to the Retainer Club, you'll enjoy savings of over $100 per retainer! You'll also receive discounts on extra retainers and in-office re-treatment.

Retainer Club Questions

Learn more about the Retainer Club, how it works, and why it's a great fit for you!

Join the Retainer Club!

If you're ready to have custom retainers sent to your door, along with our amazing box of products, click the button to enroll!

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